Review sheet: Geometry 2nd Semester Final Review Book Problems

NOTE: You can find copies of all problems by going hotmath.com  typing in the page number of your homework

15) Due Monday June 2nd

Probability Worksheet

14) Due Thursday

Prepare for exam: two pages of notes

complete classwork/homework #1-3&6-8 worksheet directrix and focu

13) Due Monday May 19th

Circle worksheet #3-14

12) Due Thursday

Focus and Directrix worksheet #1,2,3,7,8

11) Due Tuesday

Worksheet #1-20 odd

10) Due Monday May 12th

#1-4, #5-8 #11-13 day 4 Worksheet on Focus and Directrix

9) Due Thursday May 8th

#1-4:  Worksheet Solving Completing Square

complete square

find x-intercepts

find vertex


8) Due Tuesday May 6th

Worksheet #8-12

7) Due Monday May 5th

Page 547 #64-68

6) Due Thursday May 1st

page 541 #47, 48, 50, 52

Prepare for quiz.  topics: volume of prism, volume of cylinder/cone/sphere, volume of similar shapes, surface area

5) Due Tuesday April 29th

page 455 #39-44

4) Due Monday April 28

handout #1-4 and 2nd page of this handout #2-6

work on your one cut star: video link

3) Due Thursday April 24th

option A:  volume and surface area – choose 4 volume and 4 surface area problems from the 10 (some answers attached)


option B: Advanced Volume Problems (some answers attached)

2) Due Tuesday April 22nd

page 445 #7-12: homework problems

1) Due Thursday April 17th

#1-14 Worksheet


6) Due Tuesday April 15th

Page 436 #121-123

5. Prepare for OAKS

a) good breakfast and good sleep the night before

b) try practice problems at oaks practice

c) more practice problems (click on any test # at the bottom of the page)

4. Due Tuesday April 1st

choose option 1 or 2: Polygon Worksheet

3. Due Tuesday March 18th

Page 404 #27-32

2. Due MOnday March 17th

page 400 #16-20


Polygon Art

1. . due Thursday

#25-33 polygon worksheet

16. Due Tuesday

no homework

15. Due Monday

complete 1 proof – neatly done on small poster paper from:  Proof Poster

14. Due Thursday March 6th

P. 385 #128, 130, 131


13. Due Tuesday March 4th

Page 379 #112-116

12. Due Monday March 3rd

Midpoint handout

11. Due Thursday Feb 27th

ten problems from Systems of Two Equations

10. Due Tuesday Feb 25th

p. 361#66-70

9. due Monday Feb 24th

Page 358 #58-62

If you want to practice more on congruent triangles go to: PRACTICE

8. Due Thursda y Feb 20th

page 355#49-53

7. Due Tuesday Feb 18th

Choose 7 problems from part a or b: homework sheet

6. Due Thursday Feb 13th

Page 308 #43-48

5. Due Monday Feb 9th

Page 298 (this page number may be wrong) #24 & #26-29

4. Due Thursday Feb 5th

Page 297 #21-22

3. Due Tuesday Feb 4th

Page 295 #13-18

2. Due Monday Feb 3rd

choose 5 problems from: quadratics worksheet

1. Due Thursday Jan 30th

Solve and graph four problems on:  Quadratics & Factoring


13. Due Thursday Jan 16th

Complete pages 6&7 of the review packet: Geo 1 Final Review

12. Due Tuesday Jan 14hth

choose any 7 problems from handout: day 16 homework

11. Due Monday Jan 13th

10. Due Thursday Jan 9th

Page 264 #79 – 84

9. Due Thursday Dec. 12th

1. prepare 1 page of notes front and back for Thursday’s EXAM!!!

2. complete review sheet: 4 Appointments  you can check Answers

8. Due Tuesday Dec 17th

Login first!!!! 20 minutes or mastery at each site 

Go toTrig Ratios hint: write out ratio DO Not plug into the calculator

Go topractice similar triangle skill

7. Due Thursday Dec 12th

page 241 #16-17, 20

6. Due Tuesday Dec. 10th

Page 197 #25-29

5. Due Monday Dec. 9th

Page 226 #96-100

4. Due Thursday Dec 5th

page 203 #43-47

3. Due Tuesday Dec 3rd

page 200 #36-40

2. Due Monday Dec. 2

Worksheet #1-10 (click here)

1. Due Thursday Nov 21st

Page 194 #16-20

9. Due Thursday Nov. 14th

Three things to prepare for the exam on Thursday:

a) make one page of notes (two sided)

b) complete the chapter three review page. 178 #102-109

c) complete Khan academy review from sites listed below

8. Due Tuesday Nov 12th

Go to the Khan academy sites below.  By the end of the weekend you should have put in a total of 40 minutes on khan (this includes the time you put in last week).  Feel free to try other practice sites.

7. Due Thursday Nov. 7th

spend 20-30 minutes doing problems on each of the following khan academy sites.  BE SURE TO LOG IN FIRST!!!!

similar triangles

pythagorean theorem

solve proportions (stick with it they will get harder)

writing proportions from word problem

6. Due Tuesday Nov. 5th

page 161 #64, 65, 66, and 83

5. Due Thursday October 31st

Worksheet on similar triangle statements #1-12

Ready for quiz on dilations and finding unknown side of similar triangles

4. Due Tuesday October 29th

1 problem: homework – medley problem

3. Due Monday October 28th


1) complete #1-7 on similar triangle handout

2)  click here and try problems #1-7

(see how you do – the answers are included.  you do not need to turn in any written material just practice on the computer)

2. Due Thursday October 24th

page 142 #17-20

1. Due Tuesday October 22nd

page 138 #5-8


17. Due Monday 21st

no homework – enjoy the weekend!

16. Due Thursday  Ocotber 17th

Write up one page of notes that you can use on the test (two sided is fine)

page 127 #123-130 (answers are on the following pages)

15. Due Monday October 14th

Page 124 #120-121


Look over Classwork Stations:6 Station Questions

Answers to Stations:

Angles in a triangle solutions

area station solutions

equation station solutions

pythag station solutions

transformations station solution

transversals station solution

14. Due Thursday October 19th

Page 104 #72-73  and complete area worksheet #1-10

13. Due Monday October 7th

Worksheet on Angle Relationships – both sides

12. Due Thursday October 3rd

Classwork worksheet #1-8 and try challenge problems #10 &12!

11. Due Tuesday October 1st

Page 61 #124-125

10. Due Monday September 30th

Page 48 #92-96

9. Due Thursday September 26th

Complete Transformation Worksheet a-l

8. Due Tuesday September 24th

Page 39 #73-77

7. Due Monday September 23rd

page 35#  64 – 67

6. Due Thursday September 19th

Page 19-21 #32, 33, 34, 35

5. Due Tuesday Se[te,ber 17th

Choose 7 problems from:  solving for x with fractions

4. Due Monday September 16th

Ten problems from the Solving Algebraic Equations Worksheet

You choose the ten problems that will best challenge you.  Feel free to check your answer so you can see how you are doing (on the bottom of the attached worksheet).

3. Due Thursday September 12th

#1 Complete #2-6 on  Finding area and perimeter worksheet

#2  Choose two problems from the four listed on edmodo.com and write in your answers  AND post a note to the class about yourself.  If you have not joined scroll down for directions on Tuesday’s homework.

#3 Sign up for khan academy

go to www.khanacademy.org

click on login

click on: Don’t have an account yet? Sign up.

sign up using email

once in click on “cool lets explore” and “got it”

Start pretest

after test click on coaches on left hand menu and enter in the following code:

period 2 geometry: EGGRXC

period 3 geometry: X37E5B

period 4 geometry: V94W3P


2. Due Tuesday September 10th

Please go to edmodo.com and sign up now.  Your group code is as follows:

period 2: 7x2h9e

period 3: vm74xy

period 4: nlkvfo

1. Due Monday September 9th

  1. get materials (spiral notebook & composition book & ruler & calculator)
  2. complete math doodle: see videos if need to review how
  3. optional: find me another symmetric shape




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